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Serendib Audio Visual is a Connoisseur purveyor of high end Audio and Visual Equipment in Sri Lanka for discerning music aficionados. We have a portfolio of exquisite brands that are raved by reviewers & industry leaders for decades. Our principle demo room is a haven for audioholics to experience the finest in two channel audio.


Serendib AV is a subsidiary of Moosajee Sons who provide the necessary financial and commercial support. Moosajee Sons was established in 1958 as a pioneer manufacturing firm in plastics films, and later included sale of packaging machinery and raw material supplies. Serendib Audio & Visual is a pioneer in the hi end audio market driven by the passion and enjoyment of music by the owners.


Murtaza Moosajee together with Mustafa Khetty count over 30 years of hands on experience in sales, finance and manufacturing. Their passion for hi end audio has kept growing over time with a veritable data base of knowledge and information on audio and visual systems.


Sri Lanka has benefited from the end of a 30 year civil war in 2009 and the growth of incomes and "feel good" factor has escalated. The economy is growing at a brisk rate of 8.5% annually and the stock market has appreciated from a low of 385 in 2001 to a recent high of 7,500, which has made many dollar millionaires. Tourism, manufacturing, tea and agricultural, fisheries and IT services, and establishment of five and six star boutique hotels will escalate this country’s economy to grow and reach GDP levels of Vietnam. The COVID 19 crisis & the economic and foreign exchange crisis in 2020-2022 restricted imports, and the business almost came to a standstill. Since early 2023, the country has returned to normal and economic stability & growth is back on track.


We buy used & new from the worldwide marketplace to bring the ultimate in speaker design that mesmerizes. Kharma strongly aims for high-end audio experiences beyond imagination. These experiences have to be felt to be believed. Indulge yourself in the musical moment and enjoy the endless experience of a Kharma product. Kharma International produces High-End Audio products and sells worldwide.


Founded in 1987 and developed by a group of passionates, Métronome is one of the ultimate audiophile brands. Along the years, the company handcrafted loudspeakers, amplifiers, and reputed CD players which forged the world class reputation of the brand.


The reference range from MÉTRONOME TECHNOLOGIE. From concept to manufacture, Kalista makes it a point of honor to produce a 100% French device. One of the world’s last remaining hifi craftsmen, Kalista meticulously designs its appliances in its workshops near Toulouse. For its customers, we impose:
A unique and singular design.
A selection of the highest quality componentsA combination of noble materials.
Meticulous assembly of electronic boards.

Goldmund Audio

The reference in Audio, we buy used & new from the worldwide marketplace to bring the ultimate amplifiers & preamplifiers.

Orpheus Lab

We buy used & new from the worldwide marketplace to bring the ultimate amplifiers & preamplifiers and the amplifiers are equally comparable and complementary to match Goldmund Audio preamplifiers. Our name refers to the famous mythological character Orpheus. The emblem of the brand represents the lyre of Orpheus which is symbol of harmony, fidelity and passion. Three keywords that the company is committed to uphold.

Siltech Cables

Siltech believe that making a high-end cable is based on a lot of science, craftsmanship, some exploration, a little improvisation and, of course, a bit of luck as the icing on the cake. And where the latter factors are not easily controlled, all the other factors are: speed, jitter, distortion, magnetic field, noise, microphony, dynamics, micro signal handling and so on.

Crystal Cable

Crystal cable is globally renowned for the high-end audio cables it develops, designs and produces that help achieve this purpose. We do this on the basis of decades of research, true craftsmanship and most importantly, our passion for music.

DSI Audio

Our mission is to "create the future of analog music. We will continue to take on challenges to make the future a reality.

Vivid Audio Technologies

We buy used & new from the worldwide marketplace to bring the ultimate in speaker nirvana! Vivid Audio team represents over 5 decades of experience delivering products featuring more than just innovative engineering and bespoke parts. Our goal is to produce the world’s per-eminent High-end loudspeaker systems.


We buy used & new from the worldwide marketplace to bring the ultimate in Amplification & Digital front end from German master design! Who first convened in a garage, of all places. Only it was the subterranean car park of famous German Bochum University. Where it was decided to attack all questions of high end musical reproduction at the deepest possible level. To see what cutting edge science could come up with in terms of audible wonder.


IsoTek offer an internationally award winning range of products that clean the electrical power before it enters your valuable audio electronics, offering protection, increased performance and full system upgrade! Find out more about IsoTek’s unique product range and enjoy more from the recordings that you love.

Alto-Extremo Tuning Devices

The company Alto-Extremo was founded in 2004 in Germany. For the development of the individual products, a team of engineers is responsible. Production takes place exclusively in Germany. This quality and functionality makes Alto-Extremo unique and justifies their success to make your Hifi-devices sound better.

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